About this site

My name is Fern, and I’ve been publishing content on the Internet since 1998. So much has changed in our world since then, but I’ve learned that TRUTH never changes, and that when we discover truth, no matter the topic, it sets us FREE.

In fact, my lifelong purpose is to discover and share truth that sets us free.

I believe the most important truth is that of God’s Grace Covenant, a blood covenant He made with His Son Jesus on our behalf when Jesus died on the cross. Those of us who trust that Jesus’ blood eradicated all our sins (past, present, and future) and that His resurrection conquered death so we can live forever after our earthly bodies expire, have our core identity rooted in this truth.

A second important truth is that God has individually designed and created each of us for a unique purpose. Every person has equal value to Him. He loves us beyond measure and desires for us to be free to be who He created us to be and to live the purpose He’s given us.


Unfortunately, distortions of these and other truths interfere with our ability to live free. Organized religion and the institutionalized church have largely distorted the truth of the Grace Covenant and hijacked both our individuality and our ability to have true fellowship with other believers by teaching mixed-covenant theology, establishing unbiblical authority and an unhealthy hierarchy of relationships, imposing obligations of time and finances, and enforcing man-made rules and cookie-cutter lifestyles — all of which induce false guilt and compete with God’s place in our lives.

In addition, organized religion often empowers narcissists and other toxic people to operate freely in their manipulative and abusive behavior, affecting us deeply. Unfortunately, many of them serve in leadership and other prominent positions.

Religion isn’t the only cause of these problems. Distorted values, false identities, and toxic behavior are all prevalent in our society at large, making any organization, workplace, or social interaction a potential minefield.

The Solution: TRUTH

To counter these problems, I intend to share the truth about how to be true to our core identity in Jesus based on the Grace Covenant. I also want to provide tools to discern our individual purpose and uniqueness of who God created us to be. I want to debunk the fake rules and the inaccurate assessments of who we are based on criteria such as gender, race, age, and socioeconomic status (including marriage/singleness and parenthood/childlessness). I also want to help us navigate and heal from the trauma and challenges of dealing with toxic people and organizations.

“Deconstruction” is a trending term as people examine and discard the religious rules and teachings that have encumbered them. I prefer the term “disentanglement.” I have no desire or need to deconstruct my faith in Jesus as I have found Him to be the ultimate answer to everything and the solid foundation on which I live. But I do need to disentangle my faith from religiosity and I intend to share that ongoing process with you.

These and others are topics I want to explore on this site so that we can Live True and Live Free. My purpose is not to dwell on the negative and bash others, but to focus on the depth and breadth of TRUTH that sets us FREE!

A little about me

Some of you may have followed me here from my previous sites. For many years I wrote about living a purposeful life as a single individual on Purposeful Singleness. I then expanded to writing about discovering our unique purpose on a couple of other sites and even offered life coaching services for a short while.

Currently, my primary role is caring for my elderly father. It’s a rewarding and challenging season in ways I never expected. But as always, God is faithful, and His purpose for me prevails.

If you’ve been a reader of mine over the years, thank you! I treasure your faithfulness and encouragement through the years!

If you’re new to my writing, welcome! I pray what you read here will encourage, uplift, and equip you as you live out your own unique purpose and learn more about the God who designed and created you and loves you madly just as you are!

In either case, if you have benefited from my writing and would like to support it financially, click on the “Buy Me a Coffee” button below. Please and thank you!